LDA Minnesota’s Learning Connections program provides academic support through small group instruction. We partner with Minneapolis and St. Paul schools, focusing in helping students who currently are performing below grade level. Our specially trained teachers provide intensive intervention instruction to students in grades Kindergarten through 12 in reading, writing, math, and the development of English for bilingual students.

LDA’s licensed teachers have experience working with students needing intense instructional support. Our teachers work with students in small groups, 4 days per week. Evidence-based curriculum is used and instruction tailored (or individualized) to meet each student’s needs. Student progress is formally assessed every two weeks to help LDA teachers track the students’ growth and to modify instruction when needed. Tracking student performance is also used to determine when students are ready to “graduate” from the program.

Students are identified to participate in our Learning Connections program through the use of school’s standardized test scores (i.e. MCA, LAS Links, MAP) or by a referral from the classroom teacher. Our goal is to ensure all students can access grade level content.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the Learning Connections Program served 338 students.  Over the course of the year, LDA’s Learning Connections Program had great success in narrowing the achievement gap for students. Eighty-five percent of students made an “ambitious level of growth”. An ambitious growth rate is the predicted rate of growth for students receiving intensive and targeted interventions for a specific skill. The Learning Connections Program also provides literacy information for parents & families. In 2016-2017, LDA had 372 family members participate. Parents stated they increased their knowledge on how to support their child and improve their reading.

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