Specialized Tutoring for All Ages

LDA Minnesota provides tutoring, regardless of your ability level, in reading, writing, math, study skills and college preparation (ACT/SAT prep).


Our tutors incorporate a diagnostic & prescriptive teaching approach that is highly structured, sequential and utilizes multi-sensory techniques to reinforce learning. LDA provides both supportive and prescriptive tutoring to meet the individual needs of each student:

  • Supportive tutoring assists the student with concept or skill building that is near or at their current grade level.  Frequency of tutoring is typically 2 hours a week or less.
  • Prescriptive tutoring is an aggressive approach with the goal of closing identified skill gaps or pushing skill level to above grade level. We suggest 2 hours of tutoring each week.

Our tutoring begins by having students complete an informal assessment (pre-test) to determine the appropriate level of instruction. This information assists our staff in developing a customized education plan to best meet the needs of the student.  LDA Minnesota's philosophy is to start instruction at a level that is comfortable for the learner in order to build confidence and success.

Benefits of LDA Minnesota tutoring services:

  • LDA Minnesota’s instructors are licensed educators and tutors with specialized training who have worked with students who have learning disabilities, attention disorders, or other learning difficulties.
  • Students are matched with tutors according to the student’s interests, skills, and needs
  • Flexible scheduling
  • We provide assistance from students with severe learning disabilities to those who just need extra help in a particular subject area

All tutoring is one-to-one and sessions are usually scheduled for one to two hours, one or more days a week. Every 12 hours of tutoring, teachers administer a progress test and evaluate the results in order to keep the student on target to complete their learning goals.

Prices for services: $55.00/hour. Receive a 10% discount off this price when you pre-pay for 12 sessions ($49.50/hour) at LDA's location in Golden Valley.  

Or, would you like off-site / in-home tutoring?  Our tutors can come to you: $65/hour with the 10% discount for 12 pre-pay sessions ($58.50/hour).

If you are interested in speaking with someone about LDA's tutoring services, please email LDA Minnesota with your name, address and telephone number.