Board of Directors

LDA Minnesota is looking for Board Members

LDA seeks board members who are passionate about lifelong learning, in the field of human resources, marketing, public relations, learning disabilities or ADHD, and resource development.

Since 1967, LDA Minnesota has been serving the needs of individuals with learning difficulties, learning disabilities and ADHD. We strive to recruit a diverse and talented membership to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

LDA's Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Shape the future of LDA Minnesota
  • Influence LDA's mission and values
  • Debate questions and issues that drive LDA's strategy and decision-making
  • Assess LDA's progress toward achieving its mission
  • Establish policy and guiding the formation of programs in the areas of programs, finance, fundraising, and personnel
  • Lead LDA's strategic planning
  • Approve the annual operating budget
  • Assume fiduciary responsibility for LDA
  • Assure that staff management has the resources, counsel, and performance evaluation to achieve organizational goals and objectives
  • Connect LDA with the greater community for visibility, funding, and networking


LDA's Board Members are elected to 3-year terms, with a maximum of three consecutive terms. The board meets 8 times each year; committee meetings are scheduled by the committees. LDA's board members are committed to LDA's mission and goals, serve as ambassadors for LDA to the community, actively participate in meetings, and at least one committee, make a financial contribution to the organization, and participate in LDA's fundraising activities.

To apply or indicate your interest, please send your resume and statement of interest to Martha Moriarty at