Terrence, a tutoring student at LDA Minnesota, had always wanted to graduate from high school. His learning goal was to get his GED. He began tutoring at LDA Minnesota with 3rd-4th grade level reading skills.

Now a more competent and confident reader, Terrence is well on his way to successfully completing his GED and finding new employment opportunities previously unavailable to him.

LDA Minnesota provides individualized, specialized instruction to help improve basic math, reading, organization, and test preparation skills for all ages, including adults. Whether our clients need extra help in a particular area or intensive overall instruction, our licensed teachers help students understand how they learn, and use a variety of materials and techniques to assure success.

What makes LDA Minnesota tutoring unique?

The benefits of LDA Minnesota tutoring include one-to-one sessions held in private learning rooms. LDA Minnesota’s tutors have experience working with students with learning disabilities, attention disorders, or other learning difficulties. Students are matched with instructors according to their interests, skills, and needs.

Many struggling students cannot afford specialized tutoring services. With your help, LDA Minnesota can offer services to individuals from low-income families who need personalized tutoring.

Terrence’s Success

Because of LDA Minnesota tutoring services, Terrence is now able to adequately perform job-related tasks and compete successfully in today’s job market, which demands a basic reading level.

“My reading skills have improved and I comprehend a lot more than when I started at LDA Minnesota. I’ve learned how to break words down. I slow down and re-read. I’ve also learned to focus on the main idea. Thanks, LDA Minnesota!”