Our 10-year-old son Eli has struggled with school since the end of first grade. In our journey to figure out the best path and the best support, we have done a fair bit of testing. He is on the border of exceptionally and profoundly gifted, in the 99.5%. He is curious and inquisitive and funny. But he has never enjoyed reading and struggled to produce the required amount of work in school. We have had many battles and wondered what was at the root of his experience.

Feeling out of options and answers, we called LDA Minnesota. We sent over all the testing we had done over the last several years; IQ tests and achievement tests and other assorted evaluations. LDA’s Special Educator/Program Developer Mary Beth Kelley looked at the information we had collected over the years and saw something no one else had seen. Our son has several learning disabilities – or as explained to him – learning differences.

We were frustrated to know that several folks had seen the collection of tests and scores, but none before Mary Beth had seen one of the most important pieces of information we needed. Our son has the sensitivities and intensities of high giftedness, but he was genuinely struggling despite his high IQ.

Becoming aware of his 2e (Twice Exceptional – highly gifted and learning disabled) status, we have been able to make many changes in his school experience.  He is more relaxed and confident.  And we, as his parents, now feel like we have the information we need to support and challenge our son.

Mary Beth was the first and only person with the expertise to look at all the testing we had already done and decipher the code! She was professional, approachable and honest. She wrote a complete report with her findings and came along to the school meeting to discuss my son’s needs.

I can’t imagine my son’s life if we hadn’t found LDA and Mary Beth and the wisdom and support she has shared with us.