Alycia is a third grader at an LDA Minnesota partner elementary school in Minneapolis.  She struggles to read at the same level as her classmates. “I want to read like my friends, and not be scared if I’m called on by my teacher,” Alycia told her LDA Minnesota Learning Connections teacher.

In 30 hours of intensive instruction by an LDA Minnesota expert teacher, Alycia gained 1.2 grade levels and is well on her way to closing the achievement gap.

How Learning Connections Makes a Difference

Learning Connections is LDA Minnesota’s community-based program that provides intensive reading and math instruction, supplementing a child’s regular reading and math programs. It serves struggling students in groups of up to six students, two times a week during the school day. Highly-trained teachers employ both prevention and intervention approaches by teaching successful strategies while remediating deficit skills.

In 2009-10, Learning Connections is at work in 13 inner-city schools in the Twin Cities. Dr. Steve Couture, Principal of Anishinabe Academy, a public elementary school in inner-city Minneapolis, says: “We have witnessed significant academic gains by the students with whom LDA Minnesota has worked. We at Anishinabe Academy offer our support to LDA Minnesota without exception, as well as our strong recommendation that other individuals and organizations concerned about academic success for students with learning challenges do the same.

Alycia’s Success

Now an enthusiastic reader, Alycia has graduated back to the regular classroom and claims, “Before I didn’t even like to read, but now I read chapter books. I never thought of going to college or anything like that, but now I want to be a kindergarten teacher and read to my kids.”

Please help support struggling students who have the ability to succeed in school, but need the right support to get them back on track. Donating to Learning Connections will help support children in need like Alycia.