LDA Minnesota is seeking new board members as we grow and expand our programming to impact more children, youth, families and adults impacted by learning disabilities, attention deficits and learning differences.

LDA is looking for volunteer board members who are:

  • Passionate about education, lifelong learning and disability advocacy
  • Willing to help LDA Minnesota expand through personal and professional networks
  • Available to attend meetings, serve on committees, and volunteer as needed
  • Ethnically, geographically, and/or professionally diverse

Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred:

  • Education, specifically literacy or disability-related
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Connections to individual and/or institutional funders

Board membership at LDA:

  • Terms are three years, with the option to serve up to three term
  • Attend eight board meetings a year and serve on a committee  
  • Make a contribution to LDA Minnesota each year
  • Serve as an ambassador for LDA Minnesota in the community
  • Assess LDA’s progress toward achieving its mission
  • Establish policy and guide the formation of programs in the areas of programs, finance, fundraising and personnel
  • Participate, review and approve LDA’s strategic and annual plans

About LDA Minnesota

LDA Minnesota strives to ensure children, adults, families, and communities impacted by specific learning disabilities, attention deficits, and/or learning differences are equitably supported and empowered through assessment, intervention, education, advocacy, and outreach.

Since 1967, LDA Minnesota has helped children and families discover their potential and overcome learning and attention challenges in the classroom, make a successful transition from school to the workplace, and gain knowledge and skills to obtain and maintain productive and fulfilling employment. As we embark on our 51st year, LDA’s board of directors has adopted a new vision and strategic plan to expand our reach in the community and impact on families.  

To learn more, contact Martha Moriarty, Executive Director at mm@ldaminnesota.org