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Why LDA Minnesota Matters

Meet some of the real people who have been helped by your contributions to LDA Minnesota.

Our 10-year-old son has struggled with school since the end of first grade. In our journey to figure out the best path and the best support, we have done a fair bit of testing. He is on the border of exceptionally and profoundly gifted, in the 99.5%. He is curious and inquisitive and funny. But he has never enjoyed reading and struggled to produce the required amount of work in school. We have had many battles and wondered what was at the root of his experience.  

AJ is a second grade student. He scored in the third percentile on LDA's Fall benchmark test because he did not understand the concept of adding or subtracting two numbers.

Terrence, a tutoring student at LDA Minnesota, had always wanted to graduate from high school. His learning goal was to get his GED. He began tutoring at LDA Minnesota with 3rd-4th grade level reading skills.

Katie came to LDA's Learning Connections program this past Fall with very low reading skills. As a second grader Katie's skills were not even at a first grade reading level.

Alycia is a third grader at an LDA Minnesota partner elementary school in Minneapolis.  She struggles to read at the same level as her classmates. “I want to read like my friends, and not be scared if I’m called on by my teacher,” Alycia told her LDA Minnesota Learning Connections teacher.

Rhea was pulled out of class for special reading and lower-level reading classes and kids would make fun of her. Her friends would ask where she was going and make comments like, “I’m glad I’m not dumb like you, Rhea.”